assalamualaikum readers :') 
hey hope semua baik-2 saje :)
cer tengok tittle kali nie :')

i really miss you dear :'(
no want can understand what i feel :'(
i really need u :'(
but Allah more love u than me :'(
i hope u will be fine and can rest in peace ;'(
i always pray the best for you dear ;'( 
and i hope u always with me even i did not know where u are :'(
forgive me coz still cry about this :'( 
i'm not strong like what u see :'(
i am weak :'(
and forgive me if i done any wrong ;'( 
i know i cant be the best for u :'( 
but I always try to be that mydear :'(
u are the best one :'( 
always patient with my attitude :'(
never complaint :'(
i miss you so much :'(


i am so sorry :'( if u read this entry :'( i didnt mean to make u feel hurt . but i need some space to make me peace :'( ILOVEYOU SAYANG ^^